Hand-lettering artwork by me - inspired by the beautiful song: So Will I (100 Billion X), written by Hillsong United

Hand-lettering artwork by me - inspired by the beautiful song: So Will I (100 Billion X), written by Hillsong United


First, don’t be ashamed of your story and DON’T be ashamed of what you believe in. Today, I decided to share something close to my heart. And that is my faith. I’m not asking for people to understand it or to believe what I believe in. I’m asking for respect. Beliefs are personal and I love you no matter what you believe in.

I’ve always been a Christ follower, but all this is new to me, and what I mean by that is... I’ve never shared my story.. my testimony. Even that word is new to me. (I did share something on Facebook after I bought my bible and I thought I understood it all, but I was wrong). My testimony is what God has done in my life and it’s probably the most powerful message I will ever have. I’m still learning everyday and that is the beauty of it. 

As a younger kid, I didn’t go to church very often. I went with my family on Christmas Eve and Easter, but that's about it. I prayed once in a while, but I didn’t know who God really was. In 2014, I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. I needed treatments (similar to chemotherapy) for a couple months. During my treatments, I was physically tired, but I felt okay. It was a lot harder when my treatments were done. I remember my nurse told me it would be extremely hard emotionally and she gave me a list of therapists. And she was right. I was not happy and I felt pretty lonely. I was lost. I don't show my emotions to people and usually don't talk about them, I keep it to myself. But after a while, I was feeling almost like I was suffocating. Music and arts helped me. A LOT. But something was missing. So I turned to God.

I started reading the Bible in 2016. Precisely bought my bible on June 18th 2016. I started by reading the gospels and studied hard. I would read it everyday. Every. Single. Day. For. Weeks. It definitely brought me closer to God, yes. BUT, I thought God would love me more if I read the bible every day. I quickly learned that it doesn't work that way. He doesn’t love you more or you are not any more righteous because of it. And if you miss a day, he’s not going to love you any less. It’s all about the relationship you have with Him and just being WITH Him. I realize now that God loves me and when I asked for forgiveness, He accepted me. And He wants to walk with me, love me, protect me. It’s SO important to recognize how broken we are and to continually go to Christ and ask for help and guidance. Trying to be that “perfect christian” or just seeking perfection in general is not the heart of it all. When you accept Him and want a relationship with him, he can’t love you any more or any less. 

Today, I realize I wasn’t reading the Bible for the right reasons and that I was missing the most important message. Today, I know that I still have a lot to learn, but praying and reading the Bible keeps me grounded and my faith is everything to me. Life is not easy, but that comfort, love & peace God has given me has transformed the way I live. I feel his presence... all the time...and I'm not afraid to die anymore, because I believe there is something after our time here on earth. Today, I know that God has a plan, a purpose and a will for our lives. All of the NOs and the doors closing are for a reason.. God is simply saying: “I’m shaping you in who I want you to be”. Today, I know that some people might not understand the word Faith and that’s okay. Today, I know that all I have to do is trust Him. Love Him. He is SO faithful. He will never leave. He is always seeking us and always with us. He. Is. Here. (Deuteronomy 31:6) Today, I know that NOTHING can break that relationship.. Nothing and no one can take that away. (Romans 8:38-39) Most importantly, I believe in Him. I believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ and I choose him as my lord and savior.

If you are a Christ follower, I would LOVE to hear about your testimony, your faith or even moments when you have experienced the presence of God. If you are not, what do you believe in? What are your beliefs? How did you overcome certain battles and hardships in your life?