Help save sharks

❗️⚠️ Warning: Nerd post ⚠️❗️

This is a random subject, but it's something extremely close to my heart.

I watched “The Shallows” last summer, and believe it or not, it has not instilled a fear of sharks in me.... (DO THE SAME AND DON’T BITE INTO THE FEAR). It actually made me want to learn and understand them even more. I’ve always been a lover of marine life. I love to learn. I love to discover. I love the water. I mean, I'm a pisces! Water is my element. Anyways, most people I know are more into dolphins, whales, turtles. BUT SHARKS ARE SO FASCINATING. I’m a shark lover. Boderline nerd, but I’m so okay with it. They are my absolute favorite. People are so scared, because they know so little about them. The media portrays sharks as monsters and it makes me so sad. Sharks are animals and obviously they are hardwired to behave certain ways. They explore. They are curious. Yes, shark attacks happen. Sharks tend to take “test bites”, because most of them rely on a taste filter. So in other words, humans are not part of a shark’s diet. Also, sharks will obviously get aggressive if they feel challenged or threatened. Fishermen can be pretty f***ing cruel. When I heard about these horrible shark fishing tournaments, I couldn’t believe it. And shark finning is a HUGE problem. They slice off sharks’ fins while they are still alive, and they put the shark back in the ocean. For what? SHARK FIN SOUP. I know, gross. Sharks can’t swim or survive without their fins. They end up sinking, suffocating and they die. It makes me sick.


Now hear this: Did you know that about 10 people die each year at the hands of sharks? AND, about 30 to 100 million sharks die each year, because of us, humans. SO YES, humans are much more dangerous to sharks than sharks could ever be to humans. Sharks are the cornerstones of their eco-systems. Sharks really keep it all balanced, healthy and beautiful. Nowwwww, don’t hate them, protect them! We need them more than you think.