Be you

Caplan, 2018

Caplan, 2018


« Don’t try so hard to fit in, and certainly don’t try so hard to be different… Just try hard to be you » -Zendaya

I saw this quote the other day and immediately had to talk about it. It really spoke to me and I think it should speak to everyone.

It is EXTREMELY hard to live in the world we live in. Yet, it is also extremely easy. We make things SO complicated. We overthink. We judge. We make mistakes (and we learn from them). We make decisions all our lives. Recently, I see a lot of posts on various social media plateforms about being different. Not being scared of it. I 100% support that. What I don’t like in this generation though, is that people are purposely TRYING to be different. You shouldn’t try to stand out. You shouldn’t act differently for people to notice how cool or different you are. JUST BE YOU. And be good. Good to your soul and good to people around you. If you do both, it is good enough and it is «different » enough. It goes the same way with trying so hard to fit in. Do you really want to sacrifice your whole life trying to please others and prove your worth to people ? When you get to that point, you might be forgetting your value. And that is scary. We are surrounded by ideals. People are fueled by stereotypes. Social media, TV, magazines… there’s always a better version of something somewhere and it is no wonder so many people feel like they’re not good enough. 

The key is to feel comfortable in our own skin (and I know ! It’s easier said than done). Once you get there, you won’t compare yourself as much.

All I am saying is don’t try to be someone you are not. Don’t change so people will like you, just be yourself and you will attract the right people. The right people will love the heck out of you !