When you really think about it, time doesn't exist. Yes we have watches, clocks, calendars, but time is an illusion. It's a human concept. I remember months ago, I painted all day and completely lost track of time. I wasn't even thinking, I just painted. And I've never felt more alive & more connected to the present. This is what I mean by being here right now and not taking the word TIME so seriously. Living in the moment will make you so much happier. I swear. Did you even notice that most of our thoughts are related to the past or to the future? It's sad and unhealthy.

You have no idea if you will be here tomorrow. Cliché, but true. If you are unhappy about something, do something about it NOW. I know the first step is the hardest, but do it for YOURSELF. It's not always easy to focus your energy on the present, but you don't want to be a victim of time, right? Don't let that never-ending cycle of introspection consume you. Don't let your thoughts control you. Thoughts are just thoughts. You are not your thoughts just like you are not your struggles. Become an observer of your thoughts (good and bad) instead.

Where are you right now? What do you see? How do you feel? What do you smell? Are you happy? Just become aware of being alive. Breathe. If you are aware of that, you are living in the moment. It's that simple.