Artistic Style


‘’Never limit yourself to a particular medium/style’’ OR ‘’Find your own artistic style’’?

I think both are correct. You shouldn’t try so hard to find a specific style. It will come naturally. It’s almost like your style chooses you and not the other way around. You just have to try EVERYTHING, keep innovating and constantly experiment. You just follow your heart and do whatever you like. Finding that ‘’style’’ shouldn’t be your main focus. I think it's the same with everything in life. Why would you force something? Effort is one thing, but forcing anything will end up looking unauthentic and not true to yourself.

I do have a drawing style now and I can’t really explain how it happened. BUT, painting is a whole new medium to me. I remember after my first paintings, I was worried people were not going to take me seriously, because I was experimenting and nothing looked cohesive. My dad told me something and it really reassured me... probably what inspired me to write this blog post : ‘’Myriam, it’s a gradual process and it can take years. Don’t force anything.‘’ And obviously he was right.