The Call

Back when I was finishing school in April-May, I donated blood for Héma-Québec. I felt like I did something good, like I made a difference. A month later, I had a letter in the mail, saying they found Hepatitis C antibodies in my blood with a bunch of hepatitis documentation in the envelope. At first, I am not going to lie.. I panicked. I really freaked out without even knowing what hepatitis C really was. I couple weeks later, I had an appointment at the hospital for more blood tests to find out if I really had it. 

Just one day before my graphic design exhibition, I had a call. I was already going through a lot with the exhibition preparation. The nurse called me and right away, started talking about treatments. I was so confused. I had to stop her and ask her if I had it. She answered ''yes'' and said I had a high rate of infection in my blood. Looking back, it wasn't a shock, because I had a feeling she was going to tell me the test came out positive. I just wish she would have told me differently. I felt like she didn't care at all. My mom did call her back and the nurse apologized, because she thought I knew the results already... I was kind of devastated after I hung up the phone. I tried not to think about it too much since I had my exhibition the next day & so much more needed to be done. 

I had my second appointment at the hospital on July 1st so the doctor could tell us more details about treatments. I also had more blood tests... Overall, treatments will last 12 weeks, with a couple months of recovery (if everything goes well). I'll have to take daily pills, injections once a week & go see the doctor every 2 weeks. He told me treatments would be like going through chemo. I'll feel sick, tired, depressed, get rash, might loose hair... Nothing dangerous, but it will be difficult to tolerate it for the full course of treatment. He said to not keep all my thoughts and emotions inside. I'll have to talk, write. I have amazing parents, sisters, a family that loves me to the moon and back & great friends. I know I won't be alone through this. Luckily, I am only starting treatments in September. I was supposed to start in August, but the doctor wants me to enjoy the rest of my summer & that made me really happy. My next appointment at the hospital is in August, I think.